VSCO girl photo shoot

What is a VSCO Girl? In the 21st-century, new terms and slangs are always popping up. Have you ever heard of the term “VSCO Girl”? Let’s explore this term. What is a VSCO Girl? A VSCO girl is a nickname given to a typically white, middle-class teenage girl who appears on photos or the wide…

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Continuing Education

Boost Your Career Thanks To Continuing Education The Albion State Normal School in Idaho primarily operated from 1893 until 1951. A ‘normal school’ back then was the equivalent of one of today’s teacher-training colleges. The Albion State Normal School isn’t operational anymore, but it was recently the host for a workshop on photography education. This…

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Zombies and the Albion Normal School

Albion State Normal School – Learning Opportunities That Are A Little Spooky Do Not Enter – Albion Normal School Established in 1893, the Albion State Normal School helped many students transition into a career as a teacher on a variety of different subjects. Over the years it has also hosted a variety of events, continuing…

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